Friday, October 10, 2014

[Review] Premium Lash 203

I took these pictures during my stay at my bf's place in Irvine. Not much pictures cause it was over 100 degrees everyday. Whenever it's hot, I can't concentrate.

Product Info
Name: Premium Lash
Brand: Sho-Bi Series
No.: Angel Feather 203
Content: 2 pair
Price: $5.98


Eyelash band & Design
The design looks kinda similar to 202 (post) the outer corners appear thicker and more feathery. Clear lash band (yes).

Volume & Length
Volume and length are visible towards the ends. Nothing much else is going on besides it being natural looking.

Overall 1/3 ★☆☆
I feel bad that I'm giving this brand low scores. Maybe I'm being too hard? I tried out 3 pairs lashes from Premium Series. They haven't been all that great. I'm assuming they are aiming for the natural look cause volume & length are at bare minimal. It seems work appropriate. Can barely tell I'm wearing falsies. Only problem is the lashes wear your eyes down making you look tired. I already look tired enough with my eye bags. No thank you. Oh and don't forget you gotta curl multiple times.

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