Saturday, November 15, 2014

My desk+ Gifts

Been bored at home with some bad luck of finding a job. I found this Feng Shui book on the family bookshelf. I guess it was a gift to my mother from a co-worker.

Feng Sui is ancient Chinese practice of arranging physical objects around to gain positive results. The placement of objects in your room, house, or building affects the flow of your Chi (energy). Good chi means better life?

I thought to myself why not give this a try? What do I have to lose?
I'm no Feng Shui expert. I'm just basing it by this book and Google. 

I immediately wanted to fix my prosperity corner which is wear my desk is.

Things to use/have
Use of the colors purple, green or red to achieve greater energy.
Gold stuff enhances wealth area.
Symbols that resemble wealth or abundance like a piggy bank or pictures of wardrobe or fancy cars
Moving water to keep the cash flowing. Fountain preferred but pictures of water can work
Round-shape plants

Things to avoid
Broken items
Reminders of broke/bad times
Trash cans
Dead plants
Fireplace and Toilets.

Definitely added some purple and Liz Lisa for materialistic purposes. Cleared out the junk and organized a bit. Wow. Now let's hope I bring home the bacon :)


Sho's mother came back from Japan. This was a short trip of 3 weeks. She said during her stay was typhoon season so she didn't go out as much.

Here's what she got us!

Lately Sho and I have been obsessed with the anime Yokai Watch! If you haven't heard of it, it's similar to Pokemon only 100x better! Yokai means "ghost or spirit". The main character Keita along with his yokai friend Whisper seek out other yokai's that cause trouble around town. The yokai coexists with the living and cannot be seen by them. Only Keita can see them by using a special watch. After completing the mission or battling the yokai, Keita befriends them and they in return give a "friend metal". In which you can call upon for their help next time by inserting the medal into the watch to summon them.  The interesting thing is they don't stay in the medal like a pokemon does in a pokeball. The yokai kinda does their own thing around town haha.

Yokai Watch was first released as a video game but it didn't do well until after the anime was released with all the merchandise. And boy those watches are selling like hotcakes. Whats cool about the merchandise is their interactivity. You can buy the medals through gatchapon or blindboxes. Each medal has a QR code on the back which you can scan with your DS and that Yokai will be uploaded to your database to play in the game. If you have the extra money to spend on the watch, insert the medals and it'll play a tune specific to that yokai. Marketing success.

Our favorite character Jibanyan. Ugh so cute!