Thursday, March 12, 2015

Penpal Haruka 2

So last week friday, I received another gift from my penpal Haruka!
WAAHHH Love the Minnie Mouse stationary!

Haruka told me on Instagram that she was going to Universal Studios Japan. It was so thoughtful of her to get me cute souvenirs! In her letter, she told me she's expecting another baby! A girl! AWWW *^_^* She sent me pictures of her husband and son at Universal Studios.

Sesame Street cookies

Snoopy Noodle (Sunu-doru) SOOOOO CUTTEEEE

Sakura Bath Salts. I can't wait to use this!


I'm planning on sending Easter theme gifts out!

Oh yeah, if anyone is interested in penpal or gift exchange.
Please contact me. I live in California so I'll send California goods hehe or whatever American goods you like.

Check out the first package Haruka got me here.