Tuesday, October 2, 2012

GAL Birthday!

Trying to update social gatherings and what not from July to present. So many pictures!

So back in July, we had a birthday celebration for 4 gals (Cici, Michi, Nana, and Nicole). The plan was to have lunch at Botega Louie then dessert in K-town. 

The meetup time was at 3pm. Some girls came 2 hours late because they got lost in LA. While we were waiting, us early girls got to check out the place and their bakery side. Botega Louie is a very fancy Italian restaurant. It had a delicious selection of sweets. I never knew LA had nice places. I just died in sweets heaven. Once everyone arrived, we finally got to order food. Botega's serving size is a bit large so we decided to share. We ordered 2 pizzas, 2 pasta, and 2 salads for everyone.

After our huge lunch, we were off to Haus House in K-town for dessert. I ordered these amazing fruit punch drink and sweet potato cake. I'm such a fatty hehe. Some girls had to leave for JPY event. The rest of us went to chill at Hiromi's house near west LA. I was still recovering from my long cold so just by some girls smoking it brought the cough back. I just had to leave cause I didn't want to girls to get my cold. Overall, it was a fun night. I enjoy hanging out with these lovely girls <3>