Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Final Day 2 & 3

Final Day 2

Digital Video Motion Graphics 10:30a-12:30p 
This final was by far the most easiest. We just had to create a demo reel showing all our work we did or most proud of within 30 minutes. The demo reel had to be 30-60seconds long. Sounds easy, right? Well, the rendering process screwed me. The first render had multiples sounds playing because I forgot to turn it off haha. The second one played too slow. The third was glitchy. Finally, the 4th one turned out good. I turned it in a little passed 11:15am but the teacher was having trouble with students playbacks so I was safe :)

Digital Animation 1 6:30p-8:30p
I came to open lab around 1:30pm to finish working on my animation. Took about an hour to finish last minute modeling on my checker game animation. I asked Andres to show me how to work the camera views on Autodesk Maya. It was a bit confusing but I eventually got the hang of it and finished around 4:30pm.. After camera perspective, it was time to render…. it was 4000 frames!! It was done at around 5:45pm. OMG. I quickly imported 4000 frames as a sequence into Adobe After Effects, added some text animations as well as import music. It was cutting close to 6:15pm. It took 2 minutes to render into a .mov file. The problem was it was too big to export to the class folder. ARGH. Had to open Adobe Encoder to compress the file. Once that finished rendering, I was finally able to add into the class folder. My teacher was really impressed with my work. She said the ending was unexpected haha. After class critique, I felt calm and relaxed for a few minutes until I realized I needed to work on my senior capstone. 

Final Day 3

Senior Capstone 10:30a-12:30p
Honestly my web store from a design aspect was blank. I spent a couple hours just typing out the shipping/return page. Trying to make it sound professional. I think I need to hire a business person to help me write all the business stuff out. Another problem I was facing was the pricing my products. I know I need to make a profit and all but I want to make it somewhat affordable to people. Japanese products and shipping from Japan itself is expensive. I need a good balance. Time went by and the project was due in 6hrs. I needed to put some pics and text on there fast. I designed a simple banner with text. I also uploaded 5 products with pics and a simple description. Got it done. I arrived to class 10mins late and no one was there. Just 5 students from web and animation. The rest of the students (photography and graphic design) were in the post production room displaying their work. Our critique was simple. Just show our work and our peers critique us. We had to write down our feedback and submit our work via dropbox. We didn't end class until 1:30p but it was better than last semester. We had a 8hr final. OMG. That was a brutal semester.