Sunday, December 8, 2013


Finals Week.
The breakdown.
Nervous breakdown...

Video Editing
11/17 For this project, we were in groups of 3-4 people. We had to interview someone. I chose my friend, Elly, owner of Shibuyala. I had to explain to my group members about gyaru/japanese fashion. 12/4 Project due. OMG. We spent the all day rendering 9am to 10:40pm. I rendered about 12 times. The videos were either missing sound or had too much sound. Another frustration was that the file was too much to transfer to the class folder or the teachers external harddrive. So I decided to render the video on the teachers computer. At least it'll work for the class viewing. The final paper would be a 4pg research paper about our favorite filmmaker.
12/9 class critique and turn in final paper

I wish we had more time. It sucks having a group project for media classes. There's just not enough time. We have to find time to meet which is really hard for media art students schedule and there's not much open lab hours. Using AvidMedia Composer was a pain. The program is really expensive. They don't offer monthly payments like Adobe.
Project status: DONE
Paper status: DONE

Digital Video Motion Graphics
Another group project. This time we had to film each other using the green screen. In my group was Morgan, Chloe, and Victoria. The project was supposed to be a short 30 seconds in & out shot using green screen but we made our story a little more complex than the rest. We were going to be using live animals (Victoria's dogs). The story plot begins with Chloe and I watching a scary movie with her dog but when Chloe is out of the scene the dog goes possessed on me hahaha. Our short clip would be sort of a scary/comedy type. Two days before our filming session, this guy name Michael decided to join our group. OMG WTF. We told the teacher we already have 4 people in our group with the script and storyboard all planned out and he said it was okay. WTF! So we had to write Michael's role into our project as Chloe's brother. Another classmate Johnnie decided to join our group because he didn't like his groups storyline. WTF. Now we have 6 people. For johhnie's role in the movie, we put him in charge of the tv scene. On the day of filming, it was a long process. We each had to film each other in 3 different scenes. With 6 people and two dogs... there was no way we would finish in a 3hour time limit. Umm long story short. We stayed 4hrs. It took an extra longer because the dogs didn't want to look mean on camera.

The video editing process wasn't too bad.
Victoria: Editor
Me: Actress and editor
Chloe: Actress, assistant director & editor
Morgan: Director and assistant editor
Micheal: Actor.. Honestly that guy didn't do shit
Johnnie: He didn't do shit as well but he had a decent excuse cause his father died that week...
Project status: DONE

3D Animation
For this final we just had to create a 3d animation of our liking using Maya. I chose to model and animate a checker game. I found a checker game on youtube that I wanted to model it after. I only put about 500 frames in it and totally neglected it for about two weeks. I was trying to finish other papers and projects that were due sooner than this one. So this week I check the youtube video and it's gone. I sure have bad luck. I'll figure something out. Our final paper is a 3-5 research paper about our favorite 3d animation.
Project status: IN PROCESS
Paper status: DONE

History of Multimedia
Two weeks prior, I had a 45min group presentation and now for the final we had to write a 6pg paper about feminism in video games. Easy.
Paper status: DONE

Senior Capstone
If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, my tweets are always bitching about senior capstone. This class is a nightmare. For my senior thesis, I created a webstore. I thought I can design a bunch of websites for my capstone to show my art ability to make them but advisor said focus on one so I said webstore. I always wanted to design a webstore. She took it to the next level.. told me to get a business license, sellers permit and whatnot. WTF. Web designers aren't supposed to do this.. O_O The teacher gave me like what...4 months to start a business. WTF.. I don't think real business Getting all the permits took up most of the semester but I got it done. I'm so drained from the whole process and now it's time to start designing my web store. I'm like soo OVER IT. My graphics and designs are so half-assed at the moment. I'm pretty upset. I'll do whatever I can to turn it for a grade but I feel like I can't show my friends the site until I feel satisfied with it. Once school is over. I'll fix it up and make a huge announcement.