Thursday, February 20, 2014

Gifts from Sho

Sho came back from Tokyo tuesday night. He told me to meet at his parents place so we can go out for dinner together. He wanted to eat Japanese food. I thought he would want American since he just came back from a week stay in Japan. Sho's dad was still working so we went out with his mother. We first went to Umenoya but they were closed, Matsui was an hour wait so we decided Coco Ichibanya. Sho and I shared the Beef Omurice and his mother ordered the same thing :)

Sho showed us more pictures he took of Japan while we were waiting for our food. He wants me to go back with him to certain places.  He says Japan wasn't fun without me  *aww* >u< I told him we'll go together after I graduate in May.

When we came back home, Sho gave me a bunch of presents. Wah I didn't expect him to buy so much. He said he was sorry for missing out on Valentine's Day.

I'll post the items in a separate post so here's a teaser photo
 - kit kat, liz lisa, eva cup, mochi, and hatsune miku plush