Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014 + Sho's Japan Photos

This years Valentine's Day was kinda depressing. Sho had to take an emergency trip to Tokyo. Like really last minute trip. I was sad because he would be gone 2/12-2/18 so he would be missing Valentine's Day again. Last year he missed it because of he had to work overtime. He said he would make it up with gifts. He asked me what I wanted so I said anything Liz Lisa and Kit Kat :D I gave him the 20% coupon I received from the 2014 Liz Lisa Luggage, might as well since he'll be there during the discount time.

So what did I do on Valentine's Day?
I picked up some donuts then went to school early to share with people. When I went into the labs and said "donuts". People just attacked it lol Hope asked me what my plans were. Told her I would be chilling in the labs after my contemp. art class ending at 4:30p. She suggested we do something for dinner with Allison. Of course I said yes. I didn't have any plans besides blogging. I headed off to Contem Art. Ugh that class. Afterwards, went back to labs and just chilled there. I was going to edit photos for blogging but decided to play games instead lol I think 5 out of 6 classmates in there were playing games. We asked around for places to eat at around campus. One person suggested Philly B's up which serves a heart-shape pizza. We called but they were booked til 8pm. We didn't want to go to bars or bbq places up the street so hungry and impatient, we decided to go to Niko's Pizza. That place never fails us.

Look at all the v-day goodies at Whole Foods!

V-day donuts! 

Hope gave me chocolate! 
Candy, Candy, Candy!
Fettuccine Alfredo from Niko's Pizza
Niko's Pizza was giving out roses to all the girls ^_^

Now for Sho's photos...
We've been messaging each other through facebook for a few minutes here and there. He said it's been snowing everyday since he arrived. He pretty much stayed inside for most of his trip. He said he misses me and wishes I were there. Man.. I wish I was there. I had the chance to go but no money and the school work is piling up. 

Sho arrived 11pm at Haneda airport so he stayed at a nearby capsule hotel
Next morning. Woke up to snow. His breakfast The morning after. He stayed at another hotel. I think before he left LA on this trip he asked his grandparents if he could stay at their place in Yoyogi-Uehara but they said no so I don't think he'll be visiting his relatives during his trip.

Yesterday, he went to shibuya 109 and harajuku when the weather cleared up for my vday gift. He sent me this teaser photo. OMG I'm so excited! >.<