Sunday, February 23, 2014

Liz Lisa Spring 2014 collection + Novelty Set

In the previous post, Sho came back from Tokyo. After missing Valentine's Day for the second year in a row, he made up for it by buying Liz Lisa. We usually celebrate Japanese style when the girl gives chocolate to the boy. I bake cookies and make chocolate dipped strawberries. Yummy stuff. He was pretty sad to leave and wished I came with him (If only I could go!) After coming back, he said it was the most boring trip ever. He didn't have time to see relatives. Most likely they couldn't have anyway because it's exam season. He told me that the people staying at his hotel were all students. During exam season, hotels give out discounts for students so they can study near their school without having the risk of waking up late, missing the train or being snowed in because of harsh winter weather.

People were telling me.. you shouldn't make a big deal out of valentine's day. Yes, yes I know. It's just a romantic holiday where it's okay to be so lovey dovey and express your love in a somewhat materialistic way.Why not celebrate it with everyone else?  However for singles, it's a pretty depressing holiday lol Honestly, I think Valentine's Day is like every weekend I spend with Sho. He's romantic at times. He remembers more our dates than me. He makes me laugh and we have fun together. He does tease me about my recent weight gain but he loves me for me. He says he loves me more than I love him.. WHAT? lol I can't think of life without him
Just in case you were wondering… Sho and I will be celebrating our 7 year anniversary in April.

Now for the photos..

Off The Shoulder Flower Lace Dress link

Flower Jumper Skirt link

3D Flower Blouse link

 3D Flower Onepiece + Flower Jumper Skirt

Liz Lisa Makeup: Blush & Lipgloss (review up later)

Novelty item: Towel set with a purchase of 15,000yen or more
stock photo

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  1. You got so lovely items from your boyfriend:3 I want to get the Liz Lisa blush too but it's always sold out in the online shopxD
    Congrats on your 7year anniversary\(^o^)/

    1. Hi Ruka,
      I love the items that my boyfriend bought ^^ Yeah lately Liz Lisa makeup as been sold out for a while. Just gotta wait a while for them to restock again.
      Thank you! ^O^/

      <3 Sachiko

  2. I swear I commented this but it seems that I didnt >:|

  3. Congrats on your seven year!! :)
    The jumper skirt and blouse is such a cute coordinate!! :3