Monday, January 19, 2015

2015 Liz Lisa x My Melody Fukubukuro Reveal + Tokyo Pirates Shopping Service Review

LIZ LISA X My Melody collaboration MeloMelo Carry
Price: ¥30,000 -> ¥32,400 tax
Worth: around ¥60,000
Contents: 9 items inside:  Fur Coat • Scallop Blouse • Suspender Skirt • Cardigan • String Aline Top • Lace Sukapan • Floral Onepiece • My Melody Pouch • Blanket
* All sizes are M
* Sold only in Liz Lisa stores
* Could make 3 different coordinates!

Shopping Service 

I knew Liz Lisa was going do some in-store exclusive like last year so I decided to hold off from spending all my money on Tokyo Kawaii Life lucky packs. Once I saw the My Melody luggage announced on LL blog, I was like "I MUST HAVE IT!". I remember the shopping service that Emiiichan used for her 2014 Liz Lisa x My Melody carry so I contacted Tokyo Pirates. Tokyo Pirates is a shopping service that provides in-store and online purchases for those who don't live in Japan. Jamie runs this business and lives in the Tokyo area. She charges a flat 500yen travel fee for stores located in Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro and Harajuku + paypal fee + commission fee depending on the total price of your order. Please check her website for information and her terms & conditions here.

I exchanged around 16 emails with Jamie. She replies within 24-48hrs. Here's a quick description of the timeline.

TIMELINE (USA Pacific Standard Time)
Dec 1: I contacted them to place an order of the Liz Lisa x My Melody 2015 fukubukuro.  
Dec 2: Jamie replied saying it will be no problem to reserve costs would be ¥500 travel fee & ¥4000 for commission fee. The remaining costs of LL luggage and international shipping fee come later. If I was okay with this then confirm.
Dec 2: I confirmed back
Dec 2: Jamie replied back saying she added my name to the slot and would send me an invoice later in the month
Dec 7: Jamie sent me an invoice of ¥4,724 JPY as a deposit for the lucky pack. The deposit is refundable if she's unable to obtain the item. With the exchange rate, my card was charged $39.93 USD.
Dec 20: Jamie emailed me saying she was able to reserve the suitcase ahead of sales so it would be mine for sure! I was surprised to hear you can reserve lucky packs in advance. It wasn't like this back 2012-2013 ^^ She sent me an invoice of ¥33,757 JPY with conversion it was $289.10 USD
Dec 21: Paid invoice
Dec 24: Jamie replied back confirming my payment

Jan 3: I sent Jamie an email asking if she was able to get the suitcase
Jan 4: Jamie said my suitcase arrived in the afternoon. She mention that the post offices would be closed during the holiday season so she can mail it out after Jan 12. That was fine with me cause I was in no rush. Couple hours later she sent me an invoice for international shipping of ¥12,529 JPY with conversion rate it was $107.59 USD
Jan 7: Paid for shipping. I lost my debit card sometime during Jan 4-6. Not sure where it is but no one used it *phew* Chase gave me a replacement card right away on the 7th.
Jan 13: Jamie emailed me saying she mailed my fukubukuro!
Jan 17: It arrived!

Fees & Total Amount in a nutshell
¥4,724=$39.93 (Commission fee ¥4,000 + Travel fee ¥500yen + Paypal fee ¥224)
¥33,757=$289.10 ( Liz Lisa x My Melody ¥32,400 + Paypal fee 1,357)
¥12,529= $107.59 (International shipping fee ¥12,000 + Paypal fee ¥529)
TOTAL: ¥51,010 = $436.62

Jamie also attached this cute ribbon hair pin to the luggage. Thank you!




I literally screamed when I opened the box haha. The Liz Lisa trunk is very beautifully well made. It looks exactly like the 2014 Floral trunk just with different colors and My Melody on it. The My Melody designs are just too adorable so well detailed. Everything was nicely packed. My only problem is I wished the bottom stand and handles were white. It would've been more aesthetically pleasing.

Fur Coat

I'm so glad this isn't a brown coat! I have another pink fur collar coat from LL but I like this one better! I will definitely stand out with this coat on since everyone wears black coats haha.

Floral Onepiece

This OP is so lovely. It has both a cute and mature look. I like the faded floral look and cute underneath lace.

String Aline Top

Even though this is a top. It fits like a dress on me lol the struggle of being short. I'm glad LL finally made a dark brown color cause it's been a while but for this fukubukuro, I wish it was pink haha

Frill Cardigan

Simple ivory color cardigan with lace frill.

Scallop Blouse

I'm really happy to get a white sheer blouse. I actually needed more blouses in my closet. The scallop collar is really cute and I love pearl buttons omg. It comes with white ribbon to tie a bow but you could hardly see it.

Lace Sukapan

Sukapan. I love these types of skirts. Elastic band waist, floral and shorts underneath!

Suspender Skirt

I love the cute frills on the straps. Reminds me of my maid cafe uniform. Only problem with this is I gotta iron the skirt as it gets wrinkles easily since I fold store away my skirts/shorts.

My Melody Blanket

Same soft fleece material they used for 2014 LL fukubukuro but this is 100x better cause My Melody is one it. Just gorgeous floral design!

My Melody Pouch


The quality of this pouch is really good compared to the pouches you receive in jp magazines. The material is soft leather and pink stain lining inside

Clothing worth
Fur coat ¥15700
Floral ¥9200
A string top ¥6900
Cardigan ¥6400
Scallop blouse ¥6400
Sukapan ¥6000
Jumper skirt ¥6000
My Melody Blanket ¥3700
My Melody Pouch ¥3700
TOTAL WORTH: ¥64,000
- Liz Lisa was selling all the above + My Melody luggage for ¥32,400 which is a good deal for people living in/visiting Japan.

For people living outside Japan (in America), this was a very good deal esp with the conversion rate!
1 dollar = ¥116

I love everything! The design of My Melody is super cute. I'm so happy with my purchase with Tokyo Pirates. I will definitely use them again if I'm not in Japan during winter. My friend from maid cafe bought the same trunk so hopefully we can twin together! I'm very broke now but this was definitely worth it!

**I ordered the mini carry + 3 way bag. It's still inside Tenso's warehouse. I'll pay for shipping next month when I get more money. 

Thank you for reading!