Monday, June 1, 2015

Japan Trip 2015: Day 2 Kashiwa, Liz Lisa, Don Quijote, Seria Haul, Kula Dinner

Day 2 we went to Kashiwa which was one stop away from Abiko on the subway. Kashiwa is a sister city to Torrance, California. I always wanted to apply for the student exchange program in high school but my family situation is a bit weird (I blame my sister) so I knew I wouldn't be accepted. Luckily, my friend Sayuri got accepted so she was able to tell me her experience. Anyways, I thought Kashiwa would be a country suburb area like Abiko but it's totally the opposite! Tall buildings, fancy malls and with a bit of agricultural nature. Sho's mom said it's a busy city like Shinjuku, maybe better. Everything was close by Big Camera, Liz Lisa, Don Quijote, Lalaport, Aeon Mall.

5 minute walk from the train station was the mall Liz Lisa store was in. The Liz Lisa store in Kashiwa was much larger in size and not crowded with people. I felt at peace and not in a rush like at the LL Harajuku location. The store staff immediately greeted us and said complimented my Liz Lisa outfit and thanked me for being a customer. She was more thankful how I came all the way from California to shop here (o^_^o) hehe

What I bought: Liz Lisa x My Melody collab OP in blue and Pink ribbon pumps.

Got another novelty item. This one was for Emi-chan!

After Liz Lisa, one of the floors in the mall had a 100yen store called Seria. My mom told me she wanted 100yen kitchen molds so those are for her.

More lashes for my collection

Bought more masks because I was still coughing >-<

I should've bought more of the twin stars contact lens case.

Masking tape for letters/boxes for mailing out stuff to friends

Afterwards, we stopped at Mc Donalds to rest and get a drink. Then we headed to Don Quijote. This location was not as crowded compared to Akihabara, Asakusa, Shibuya, and Shinjuku locations that I've been to. Good thing I went here to buy some snacks and makeup. The prices are soooo cheap. I love this place.

Here's my Donki haul ^__^

I feel like pictures look better with a pink filter ahaha

Donuts...Aren't these the cutest pads?

For the Choosy lip masks, I bought two of each. One for me and and the other for Sho cause he's always complaining about his chapped lips. I always bought extra (not shown) for gifts.

I finally have my hands on these cute Disney lashes. I saw these more on ebay for $20. I bought them at Donki for 500yen :) I got the last ones though.

Twinkle Lashes were on sale for 100yen. I remember buying these for 900yen back in 2012 haha

These weren't on sale but I wanted to buy more of Vanilla Birthday lashes

These lashes were 300 or 500yen can't remember.

Got these cute tights for 300yen each

Kiki & Lala x Daimond Lash glue. Too cute to not buy!

Dropped our stuff off at home, then walked over to Kura sushi for dinner. We have Kura/Kula in California but the taste doesn't compare to the one in Japan of course.

Strawberry shaved ice

Had drinks at Lotteria!

When we came home, this cat was perched on top of Sho's grandmothers wall. Then it jumped off and walked away as soon as I got my camera phone out.

Ended the day early cause Tokyo Disney Sea tomorrow!