Friday, December 23, 2011

Pa Ultra Volume Lush Lashes

For the Royal T christmas event, I wore eyelashes from pa. I bought this pair because how dramatic they looked. At the event, a lot of my friends said they looked really good on me. They also said I've been improving on my gyaru make-up. Yay! I was happy to hear that. After a while, the eyelashes were irritating my eye. My friend, Tricia, recommended me to cut the lashes. She also said I should wear dolly wink cause the band is thinner so less likely to irritate. I'll do that next time! ^^

Girly Doll eye-11

Pros: Achieve dramatic look!
Cons: Eyelash band is super stiff. Have to stretch it out first.

With flash

With no flash

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  1. OMG you look insanely CUTE!! I LOVE dramatic lashes. These look like the perfect dramatic yet cute lash <3 I agree though, Dolly Wink lashes are GREAT in terms of comfort! You can't even feel them <3 Your makeup looks amazing too Sachiko. Eeeek you're just so pretty and cute, your boyfriend is very lucky LOL!