Thursday, April 19, 2012

Circle Lens

Lately I've been seeing a rise in circle lens blog posts. As you all should know, circle lens are illegal in the United States. If you still plan on purchasing, do some research and know the risks. Buy from decent sites with at least Korean FDA approval. Infection is a risk with all contact lens. I've had my share of eye infections with my prescriptive daily contacts lens.

Some tips w/ lens:
Wash hands before touching your eyes.
Make sure to disinfect and store lens properly.
Buy automatic contact lens cleaner
Clean contact lens case with hot water and soap.
Buy good multi-purpose solution. I use RE-Nu multi-purpose solution.
On days you don't wear lens, I say still clean them and change the solution.
Do not sleep with them on.
Keep eyedrops handy in case eyes become dry.

There's more info online on how to take care for your lens. Google it.