Monday, April 30, 2012

Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30

So yesterday I celebrated my 5th year anniversary with my boyfriend. If you guys are wondering what we did to celebrate. Honestly we didn't do anything. We were trying to recover from saturday night's outing with my friend Kevin.We woke up late afternoon and just chilled at my place. Around 5pm, Sho was craving wings so we went to Wing Stop. I know.. right? lol No fancy dinner or mini vacation. Just wings and a movie.

My boyfriend knows that I've been wanting a LV bag for the longest time. Two weeks prior to our anniversary he told me to tell him which bag I wanted. The specifics and everything. Afterwards he emailed me saying he preferred that I went along with him after he got off work to buy it. I was hanging out with my friend Sayuri at the time so we checked out the LV website together. She told me to check out the Speedy collection. Ah~ so many sizes and styles to choose from. It was a hard decision picking out if I wanted monogram or damier series. So I decided to pick the LV Monogram Speedy 30. Sho came home from work and after Sayuri left we went to South Coast Plaza. Asked the sales person for Speedy 30.The moment I saw it I just instantly fell in love with it. Such a weird feeling for a bag. Sales staff showed me other bags but I was dead set on this bag. My boyfriend even said I looked hot wearing it. After he bought the bag, he kept it in his closet until our anniversary date.


After I woke up, he went to his car and got out the LV bag. I opened it in front of him. Oh man. You should have seen my face. I lit up. Even though I had known about this 2 weeks prior. It still felt like a surprise gift. I really like how the canvas feels. It looks rough but feels soft and smooth. The bag is actually bigger than what it looks. I can fit a lot of my junk in there. The handles are a white-ish color now but I know it's going to fade to a dark honey color. One downfall is that it only has one small pocket but hey I can live with it.

About Speedy 30

11.8 x 8.3 x 6.7 inches
♥ elegant hand carry
♥ zip closure and pad lock
♥ rounded handles and trimmings in natural cowhide and leather


  1. Woowowww! That's so crazy and sweet and wow 5 years?
    Seriously, congrats!
    Wings and a movie is still cute!
    And that's so awesome you got a bag. Hehe ^ U^) I'm still borrowing my mom's stuff.

    1. I know 5 years. It doesn't feel like it. LOL. Wings and movie cheap and good. It's okay to still borrow stuff. You will get your own bag soon! :)

  2. hi sachiko! aww your bf is so sweet! haha i hope one day my bf will do the same for me :)

    lol i must tell him about this..


    1. Hey Sarah! I didn't know you had a blog! I joined your rss feed. :) The bag is lovely! Every girl deserves a fancy bag =)