Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Break Day 5

Sayuri picked me up from Sho's place. It was pouring rain! Boo! Not sure why I didn't bring my jacket. I thought I was going to get wet. Ate at Ajisen Ramen.

Chilled in Sho's room. I gave Sayuri a small tour of the place. Talked about girl stuff. LOL. Sean came home and he said we had to leave right away. (Bought me an LV purse). Entry of that will be in two weeks. LOL

Nighttime... Kevin came over my place. Kevin recently came back from a mini vacation to Hawaii. He brought back some omiyage for me and sho <3. I drove to Musha. We ordered TONS of food and drank heavily.

Spring Break overall
My spring break consisted of stuffing myself silly with food & alcohol, and chilling with friends. Hardly had time to use the internet (maybe a good thing).