Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Kevin sent me an email last week asking if me and Sho would like to go kayaking in Newport Beach. I'm not really an outdoor kinda person but I figured I needed the fresh air and exercise. It's better than being all cooped up in my room on a saturday. We were supposed to be there at 9:45am. We thought since it was a sunday, the freeway would be less crowded. Sean was in charge of the directions but he read it wrong so we ended up going to far. LOL. We arrived  bit late but at least we got there. Our tour group was way far ahead in the lake. We strapped on our life jackets, got our boat and paddled super fast to catch up with them. We were out there for 2 hours but it sure didn't feel like it. Maybe we were having too much fun. For some reason Sho wanted to ram our boat into Kevins.

As we were paddling back to shore, I'm assuming there was low tide cause our boat ended up being stuck in the middle of the lake. Sho had to step out and push our boat to side. Sho said his feet were stuck in the sand. He said it felt like quick sand. Evil sand. Back at shore, Sho told me to check out his foot cause it was hurting. The bottom of his feet were bleeding with minor cuts. I gave him some first aid. Cleaned the cuts with hydrogen peroxide and put bandages on them. Sho said he felt much better from nurse Sachiko. Aww..

We had lunch at Waiha sushi restaurant. I got the karage and shrimp tempura plate for $8.95. Oh man, I was so hungry, I practically inhaled my meal. We were trying to figure out what to do but decided to go home. After we got home, Sho and I KOed. We were pretty exhausted from the activity. I woke up from a nap with pain on my legs. WTF! I got a badass sunburn on my leg.

YAO group
Didn't wear much make-up today