Monday, May 14, 2012

Pichi Lemon + Tralala Furoku

Every weekend, I try to organize or clean out my closet. I have a vast collection of J-magz and their furoku (free item). Need to post more items on Poupeegirl. I'll dedicate this week to old magazines & furoku items.

Pichi Lemon Jan 2011 issue

This magazine targets girls in their mid-teens. I usually don't buy this kind of mag. Then why did I buy it? Well I like the furoku. Sometimes I don't care about the mag just want the free item.

This issue's furoku came with 2 Tralala drawstring bags and an elastic hair tie. The drawstrings are made with fleece material with black & pink polka dots. Currently using the larger one as a camera case. Not sure what use I have for the small drawstring but I'll figure it out. The hair tie has a cute puff ball on it. Was planning on taking a photo of me wearing but I'm feeling kinda lazy.

Below the page cut I took some pictures of cute middle school fashion with my camera. Someday I will buy a scanner! ^^;;

Pichi Lemon's website

While flipping through the pages, I get kinda jealous. I wish I dressed this fashionable when I was in middle school *sobs*. My middle school years weren't fun. I didn't care much about my looks nor how I dressed. Jeans and a t-shirt worked best for me. Also being teased didn't help my self-esteem either. Middle school years suck.