Saturday, May 19, 2012

May MyGlam Bag

Glam Bag
"Each month, subscribers will receive a beautiful Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products. Members can watch and play along with the stylists with the same products that they are using. All for only $10 a month."

It took forever to get on the subscriber list! I've been waiting since December. I checked the mail this morning and saw this pretty metallic pink package. I love receiving stuff in the mail (except for bills). I love opening packages. Feels like christmas.

What I got:
❤ Philosophy Love Sweet Love Spray fragrance
❤ Studio Gear Complete Color Lipstick
❤ Miss Beauty Nail Bling
❤ Myglam Concealer Brush & Defining Eyeliner Brush

Overall  4/5
The Philosophy fragrance is a sample size. I've seen this brand at Sephora but never paid much attention to it. After trying it out, I really like the fruity scent. I might buy the full size! The lipstick is a bit dark for me. I prefer neutral or pink colors. If I wasn't a crazy nail-bitter I would have loved the nail bling. Concealer and eyeliner brush came in handy. I needed new brushes anyway.