Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tokidoki x Marvel frenzies Keychains

Marvel’s most popular characters have been re-worked by tokidoki's own Simone Legno to create a collectible assortment of 20 tokidoki x MARVEL Frenzies. All your favorite Marvel characters, from Spider-Man to Doctor Doom, Wolverine to the Mighty Thor, have been given mini tokidoki makeovers!

Past weekend, went to Downtown Disney with Kevin and Sho. They wanted to buy the whole Marvel x Tokidoki box set. Kevin would buy the boxes individually and end up getting duplicates. The box set comes with 30 boxes and there's 20 characters total. Sho and Kevin split 15 each. We had so much fun just opening the boxes. It being a blind box makes it exciting but getting 10 duplicates is no fun. Kevin completed his set while we have 13/20. Darn those duplicates.