Monday, June 24, 2013

June Make-up Look

Today is a great day. I woke up this morning and something felt different. My 3 week cold is finally gone. I can finally work out again ^o^/

I'll be posting June glam bag item reviews on here. This will be picture heavy!

NYX Blush PB21 Copper

Product Info
Name: NYX Blush
Type: PB21 Copper
Weight: 0.14oz/4g

Overall: 5/5 I love the color *_* the color is like a golden orange. It does have a shimmer to it. This can not only be used as a blush but as an eyeshadow and bronzer. I want to buy more shades. 

 Starlooks Lip Pencil Bare

Product Info
Name: Starlooks Lip Pencil
Type: K308 Bare
Weight: 2.4g

Overall: 4/5 I don't use lip liners often but after using this maybe I'll start. For me, this color looks a bit dark for my taste but on pictures it looks great. Maybe I'll buy another lip pencil but in a pinker shade. Eyelashes + Eylash Glue 747S

Product Info
Name: J.Cat Beauty Eyelashes + Eyelash Glue
Type: 747S

Overall: 5/5 These eyelashes give a subtle look. The eyelash band is invisible like Dolly Wink's eyelash band. The eyelashes are made from human hair so it's really soft. It gives my lashes length and volume. It blends so well with my real lashes. The eyelash glue is liquid black and works wonders but I hate the applicator. It's a plastic stick not useful.

Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil 

Product Info
Name: Chella Highlighter Pencil
Type: Ivory Lace
Weight: 1.4g

Overal: 5/5 This is just awesome. I use this in the inner corners of my eye. It really makes them pop. I could probably use this as a concealer.

J.Cat Beauty Sparkling Cream Palette 

Product Info
Name: J.Cat Beauty Sparkling Cream Palette
Type: SCP 106
Weight: 0.1oz/3g

Overall: 1/5 When I saw this in my glam bag, I was really excited. It comes with 2 eyeshadow applicators giving it an eyeshadow palette look. After I applied it on my arm, I was disappointed. The texture is really gritty and rough. Not safe to put on your face. Turns out it's body glitter. The silver glitter is the best one when it comes to body glitter palette.

Ipsy's June Make-up Look using all except for J.Cat's Sparking on my face.
Don't mind the messy bg. I'm in the process of cleaning out my room!
The top I'm wearing is Tralala Dolman Top

Thanks for reading!