Friday, June 7, 2013

Purple Bath Set

Back in May, I went over to my auntie's house for Mother's Day party. It was a potluck so I made chirashi and shrimp tempura. I always feel awkward being there because everyone else is much closer. We just see them once a year whereas they see other all the time. My dad and sister weren't there as always. Dad isn't the social type and my sister would any excuse not to go so she happened to "help out" at a church event. It was a good thing I forced my bf to come because I didn't want to be alone and it was a good thing because once my mother entered the place she immediately sat down with all the other older relatives leaving me and Sho to fend for ourselves haha! We ate dinner with everyone and made small talk with my second cousins and our time was cut short because Sho needed to spend time with his mother for mother's day. Apparently his parents had dinner reservations (yikes) so I kinda sped back to Torrance on the freeway. Dropped my mom off, then went to meet with his parents for dinner.

Long story short, the relatives gave us our christmas presents at the party because I was in Japan during winter so I missed their xmas gathering. I got this purple bath set. They know I love this kind of stuff and it has floral print. They know me so well lol