Saturday, June 15, 2013

Yumetenbo Haul

Rakuten had a free international shipping promotion with Tenso. To get free international shipping: Must make a single order of 10,000JPY from one shop, one coupon per customer and international shipping fee covers up to 4,000 JPY. I love Yumetenbo so decided to use the coupon for that store.

Order History
May 29: Purchased using my japanese address provided by Tenso
May 30: Email from Yumetenbo saying my products will be shipped out June 3rd because my Yukata set and eyelashes were by pre-orders.
June 3rd: Email from Yumetenbo saying they shipped it
June 4th: Email from Tenso saying they received the package and were getting ready to ship out. I applied my free shipping coupon.
June 11th: Received package
June 14th: Mom calls saying I received a package. I was staying at my bf's place in Irvine for a month otherwise I would've have posted this a couple days sooner. Ha!

*not pictured: another pair of mules that I ordered for my friend Krisitn.

Yukata Set Package 3980 yen

Yukata Set

link here

Star Stockings 380yen

link here

Pastel Sherbet Polka Dot Dress 1980yen

link here

Decorative Eyelash 399yen each

link here

Heart Heel Mules 2280yen

link here

Hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you <3