Monday, July 6, 2015

Downtown Disney with Kelly

On June 28th, I hung out with Kelly (instagram). We met at a gyaru event back in 2011 then worked  together for Swankiss at Anime Expo in 2014. We decided to hangout at Downtown Disney cause it's a good middle point from our locations. The weather was extremely hot that day. I didn't expect it to be 90+ degree weather. We were melting. We kept cool chatting in World of Disney store as we waited to be seated for lunch at La Brea bakery. She brought her sister, Nicole, and her sister's bf, Yuuzo (I hope I'm spelling it right) along and I brought my friend Kevin and Sho.

Our table was seated outside the restaurant. Sitting in the shade didn't help us with the humid weather lol Sho and I shared their summer special Mango BBQ pizza.

Afterwards we drove to Cha20 for drinks and dessert. We ordered Bling Bling. So yummy!

I had a wonderful time with Kelly and meeting her sister and sister's bf. Hopefully we can hang out again soon to play video games! YEA! ^_^/