Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Las Vegas Part One - Venetian Hotel

July 25-28 went to Las Vegas w/ Sho. We stayed at the Venetian for $134 a night. I booked this trip 6 months in advance so I could get a cheap rate for airplane tickets and hotel room. I stayed here 4 years ago and just loved so I wanted to come back again. Our room was pretty spacious compared to other hotels I've been in. Our room consisted of three separated sections: bathroom, bathroom, and living area. There's a television in each section. I think at one point on our trip we had all three tvs playing different channels. The weather was unbearably hot and dry. The temperature everyday was 100°F-105°F. I had to buy some eyedrops cause my eyes would dry out. Besides the hot weather. I enjoyed myself shopping and relaxing in the hotel room.