Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Multi-Bow Tank + Disneyland

Lovely light pink tank that my friend got my as a gift. She knows me well. Anything with ribbons. I love. The front hangs a little too low for me so I wear a t-shirt or another tank that is higher underneath it.

Sho, Kevin, and I went to Disneyland in the afternoon time. We mainly went because we wanted to go on the new Star Tours ride. The waiting time was always 80mins+ so we did other things instead. Went on Pirates, Indiana Jones, got food then dessert, saw a parade. When it got dark, we checked back at Star Tours and it was still 80mins wait time. Gah. It was around 10pm. We figured the line hasn't really changed since we got here so we decided to wait. We finally got onto the ride after 85 mins. LOL. I enjoyed the ride. I heard that there are multiple endings so now I gotta go back.

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  1. The next time I visit So. Cal I think we should go to Disneyland together! >w<