Monday, August 12, 2013

Jugeetta, Tralala, and Liz Lisa Haul

Wasn't too sure if I should call this a haul cause I only bought three things but I'm very excited my package came in. This is my first time purchasing from Jugeetta. For those who don't know what the brand is, it's a sister brand to Liz Lisa. The clothing is for older ladies who moved from the LL brand or just want a more mature look. The reason I don't purchase any items from this store is because it's really expensive normally ranging from $100-200 and with international it will kill my wallet.

Aug 2nd: ordered 3 items from Vent International. Total 6373円
Aug 3rd: Tenso received my package. Paid 3780円 for shipping.
Aug 5th: Tenso shipped my package.
Aug 8th: Received package.

Warning! Picture heavy below!

Liz Lisa Waffle Lace top
Price: Originally 6195円 → got it for 1995円
link here still available to purchase!

Jugeetta Floral Skirt
Price: originally 9345円 → got it for 2,803円
link: n/a

Tralala Suspender with culottes
Price: Originally 4095円 → got it for 1575円
link here: it's cheaper now 1228円

Receipt below

Hope you gals liked my haul. More posts coming soon. School is starting in two weeks so I won't be able to post often. >.<