Saturday, August 3, 2013

Blog Layout!

Hey Everyone!
I've spent the last 3 days working on updating my blog's layout. There's still more I have to update but it's mainly adding text.

So what's new?
+ New buttons and title banner
+ New pages (review, blog sale, ayu). Pages are still under construction so bare with me. I will let you gals know when it's updated.
+ "Upcoming post"section so you know what post is next. Throwback posts are events that happened a while ago but never got the chance to post them.
+ Briefly updated the "about" section

My classmate from my university took my photos for our Junior Research Development class. JRD is a class that is supposed to prepare us for our senior capstone. Honestly junior research was a bs class that just stressed us out and we ended up doing a capstone. Every senior needs to do a capstone or else they can't graduate. Basically we have to create a project with a thesis and have an art exhibit of what we learned in our specific major. Her major is photography so I helped her out by being a model. For my junior project, I created a Japanese food website since web design is my major.

Pictures were taken at my classmates house. She has a huge backyard filled with flowers, fruit trees, and cactuses. I really like how these photos turned out.

My outfit
Onepiece: Liz Lisa
Purse: Liz Lisa
Boots: Windsor


  1. Nice post sweets...
    Maybe we can follow each other..!!
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    1. Hello!
      Sure we can follow each other ^^

      <3 Sachiko