Thursday, August 15, 2013

Photobucket Rant

Okay so the pictures on my site have been down since Tuesday Aug 13. This will be a rant post on how bad Photobucket's service is.

Apparently I exceeded my bandwidth on photobucket as a free member. You can pay to become a plus member to have unlimited bandwidth and more storage space.


Aug 13th 12:21pm Got an email from photobucket saying I exceeded bandwidth.

Aug 13 12:36p Paid 2.99 for Plus membership: unlimited bandwidth and 20gb storage space.

Aug 13 12:38p Got an email confirmation from Photobucket about my upgrade purchase

Here's a screenshot of my plus account. All plus accounts get unlimited bandwidth.
I checked their FAQ when my images will be back to normal they said 10min to and hour. In some situations 6hrs. OKAY... I waited 6hrs and images were still down. I emailed support to fix the problem. Their system is not 24hrs support cause I got an email the next day.

Aug 14 7:02am tech support Leslie said they fixed it.. or so they say...

Aug 14 7:09am Got an email from Photobucket saying I went over the bandwidth. Telling me to upgrade again WTF. Pictures are down.

Aug 14 4:56pm Got another email from Photobucket saying I went over bandwidth. WTF WTF! My site is still down.

Aug 14 sent 2 emails to help support

Aug 15 8:28am Email from support Leslie says she fixed it

Aug 15 9:22am Email from photobucket saying I exceeded bandwidth

Aug 15 9:32am Email from support: Billy says he fixed it

Aug 15 9:47am Email from Photobucket saying I went over the bandwidth

Emailed support AGAIN

Aug 15 10:45am Email from support "We are looking into this issue. I apologize for the inconvenience. Yeah damn right this is an inconvenience! My pictures have been down for 2 fucking days. This is ridiculous.

I've been a member of Photobucket since 2004 with 4,000 pictures

I'm fighting now cause I seriously don't want to move 4k pictures from photobucket to picasa/flickr but if this keeps prolonging I might have to. I might have to waste my last week of summer vacation transferring downloading photos from photobucket and uploading them onto another photo hosting site.  I still have tons of posts to do. New awesome packages came in from Japan that I want to post but now I can't because I gotta transfer photos.