Sunday, February 1, 2015

[Review] Daiso W101 + Noyl Beauty Eyelash Extension (bottom lashes)

This makeup was done Thursday Jan 29th 9am in the morning. I had to rush this look and take pictures in a hurry because I was supposed to be in Little Tokyo by 10:30am to meet my friends.

Product Info 
Brand: Daiso
Name: Natural Eyelashes
Series Style: W101
Pair: 1 pair
Price: $1.50

"Make your eyes volumized and attractive"

Very cute. I don't mind Daiso using the same stock image of the eyes only changing the eyelashes cause they are cheap so I'm not expecting much. Thats why I'm sort of pissed about Ayu's lashes cause I paid 1480円 each and I get the same cover photo.

Design & Eyelash band
I really like this particular design. It has both a good length and volume. The lashes aren't too spread far apart and short like W303 and it's not too thick and heavy like W404.
Clear eyelash band! Thin and flexible!

Product Info 
Brand: Nylon Planning
Name: Noyl Beauty
Series Style: 12 NYE-22 (bottom lashes)
Pair: 1 pair
Price: $0.99 yes!

"Try to add extra lashes to get dramatic eyes! They blend perfectly with your own natural eyelashes."

Rose and ornament graphic design. Instructions are in Japanese but has a pic tutorial on how to apply them. I didn't know it came with glue until I opened it!

Design & Eyelash Band
This could be just me but I don't like how the middle lashes are so long. These lashes kinda give off spider leg look. The eyelash band is very thin and flexible.

Volume & Length
Daiso - Gives a right amount of length and volume.
Noyl- From a frontal eye view, I still think the middle lashes are too long but I can deal with it.

How It Looks

Some angles, the bottom ones look great but why did they make the middle ones long then end it with short lashes? I think it would've been better if the lashes gradually got longer which would make sense. It's just short-long-short. Looks kinda odd.

Daiso W101

- clear band
- cute and girly
- cheap $1.50

- no eyelash glue

Overall 3/3 ★★★

Noyl Beauty

- Cheap $0.99
- comes with glue

- middle lashes are a bit long.. should've been gradual short to long.

Overall 2/3 ★★☆