Monday, January 16, 2012


Diets Diets Diets...

Everyone I know is one some kind of diet. I'm surrounded by people dieting and I feel like crap. I want/need to go on a diet but here I am stuffing myself silly with yummy food. Ah!

I look back at old pictures and it makes me so sad how thin I used to be. Back then I didn't have to deal with muffin top or love handles. So depressing. But then again.. I was really into being healthy and fit. I need that motivation back.

For my diet, I'll start slow. I can't cut everything at once. I'll go into shock. LOL. For now, I'll eat a bowl of salad before I eat a regular meal. The salad should fill me up so I won't eat as much reg. food. I'll also reduce my soda intake to one can a day then eventually replace it with Perrier or another bubbly type drink w/ 0 calories.