Thursday, January 5, 2012

eye infection

Starting the new year with an eye infection. Gross.

After coming back from my relatives house on new years day, food coma sank in and I slept with my contacts and makeup on. Gross, right? It wasn't a full 8 hours though. Just only 4hours. The following day, I woke up with RED eyes. It wasn't painful just looked gross. This wasn't the first time. I had the same eye infection back in 2008. I went to urgent care, got my vigamox prescription and rested my eyes for the rest of the day. Doc said I should stay away from bright areas and especially limit my time watching tv and computer use. NOOOO!! lol My eyes are still healing. Maybe one more week and I'll be fully recovered. ^_^


  1. Ohhh gosh! I know how you feel sweetheart <3 i also had it last year in november and it's horrible. I still have problem adjusting to light :(