Monday, August 27, 2012

Dorm Room

I finished moving yesterday night into my room. My floral bedding hasn't arrived yet so my bed looks a little plain. I just brought over my hello kitty blanket from my house. The rest of the photos is what my place looks like. I share this with two other girls. They are super nice :)
left is mine, right is my roommates

my desk
yes plain bedding. my floral bedding will be arrive in a few weeks
gotta bring my ayu mags
dress with walk-in closet
Here's my dorm complex. Juniors and seniors live here

Close up view of the harbor
View from my patio
View from the living room window

door and closet
living room
another view of living room and dining
dining and kitchen
bathroom sink
bathroom. it's pretty small for 3 girls.
my storage is on the bottom



  1. Thanks for the post! Your dorm life is great!

    1. I like my dorm life so far but it's only been one day so we'll see by the end of the semester HAHA!

  2. Your dorm looks really nice! Haha, don't ever forget the magazines! :P But I love your little figures! So cute!

    That's a really nice place!! Hope to see more pictures soon!

    - Lily @ Rainbow Chiffon

    1. Thanks! My side of the bed looks a little plain though lol I won't forget my magz Ayu is my life <3 hehe xD I'll uploaded more in the future.

    2. It's okay! I don't think it looks plain! ^^ Hello Kitty <3

      Hehe, yay! And funny enough, I'm more of a Koda Kumi fan!