Friday, August 24, 2012

Meeting Kayo

I met Kayo Goto. She's a gyaru from Tokyo who is traveling all over the world to meet gyuarus. Meet up time was at Little Tokyo at 3pm. I left my house later than expected so I arrived at 4pm. The girls were eating at Curry House. I arrived just when the waiter started taking our orders (excited timing). I always order the Curry Rice Plate. A small curry plate (shrimp, chicken, vegetable or beef) with fried shrimp, soup and salad for $9.95. We did self introductions, video interview for Kayo, and take pictures. Afterwards, we walked all over Little Tokyo. The weather was uber hot so we made little pit stops at a boba shop and pinkberry to cool off. Ended the evening somewhat early because everyone lived far. I enjoyed meeting new gals.
Gal Love ❤

The following pictures below are from Nino blog & Michi blog