Sunday, August 26, 2012

Moving + boba

Oh man since wednesday all I've been doing is moving stuff into my dorm. The official move-in day is today at 12pm. I was lucky to be able to check-in on wednesday so I can move in my stuff little by little instead of all in one day. That's too exhausting. I also requested a single bedroom. I hope someone cancels out so I can get my own room. If I don't get it, then no worries cause I don't mind sharing. On friday, I attended a convocation, a little ceremony where I became an official student of my university. :D

On saturday, Sho took me to Honey Boba. A new boba place that opened near my house. I ordered Pineapple Grapefruit Ice Crystal and Sho ordered Ohau Pineapple Ice Tea. He didn't like his drink. It didn't taste like pineapple at all. It tasted more like jasmine. Besides Sho's disappointing boba, we really liked the interior of the place. I wished my room looked like the interior.