Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dragon Fruit roll-on perfume oil

This item was included in my aug subscription from myglam. Not sure what scent other users got but I received Dragon Fruit. It comes in a small glass bottle with a roll-on applicator. It's really small. You can carry it in your pocket or make-up bag. The scent has a sweet, tropical smell to it. I've eaten dragon fruit before but forgot the smell. The retail price for this is $10.00 so this perfume oil alone paid for my subscription.

About Demeter
"Simple, Subtle, Singular Scents, Each Day. Everywhere. One of the most innovative and imaginative fragrance brands available, Demeter’s amazing ability to capture the familiar scents of everyday experiences provides a fresh approach and perspective to fragrance."

Product Info
❤ Roll-on perfume oil
❤ .29 fl oz/8.8 ml
❤ Fresh from the vine, Dragon Fruit is created with leafy green notes intertwined with juicy Dragon Fruit, citrus zest and soft floral and wood hints